Jumat, 29 Mei 2009

Personal and Professional Advertisements

Community Member Question:

My question is with the city doing all it can to improve the quality of life for it's residents and adding millions of dollars in landscaping that is sometimes used as sturdy poles and a beautiful back drop for the blight of unpermitted personal and professional advertisements how do we encourage residents and businesses to be responsible by removing the signs after the time of the need and not to diminish the qualities that make the residents proud to be in this community?

City Manager Response:

Thank you for your excellent question. I and the City Council share your frustration with the proliferation of “junk” signs around town and the resulting visual blight they cause. The City has passed ordinances that prohibit the posting of such signs and the Code Enforcement staff removes such signs as they drive around the community. Depending upon the work load of the day, Code Enforcement officers will show up at garage sales to inform the individuals involved about the sign ordinances. They have also, at times, contacted the business operators who have posted such signs to inform them of the laws in place.

One of the challenges they face is that some of the commercial and/or concert type signs that get posted are done so by organizations or businesses that are hired to “paper” an area. It is very difficult, if not impossible to identify those violators and to hold them accountable in a court of law.

I will look into what sort of educational marketing we can do to educate the community of the current code violations. Apart from that, residents can assist the City by either reporting such violations to Code Enforcement or by removing those illegal signs. I have had citizens deliver to my office trash bags filled with illegal signage they have removed from around town.

After each election, the City performs a city-wide sweep of the area to remove political signs as well. Under freedom of speech issues, political signs are allowed during the election season but must be removed following an election. No signage, political or otherwise is ever allowed in the City’s rights of way, on traffic/city signage or electrical/lighting poles.

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