Selasa, 23 Juni 2009

Active Code Enforcement Program

Community Member Question:

Does the City of Fontana perform regular inspections of rental properties? If there is not one in place, would it be feasible to begin a program such as this in Fontana?

City Manager Response:

To answer your question directly, no, the City of Fontana does not have a fee based program to perform annual inspections of rental units. This is a program we looked into a few years ago and at the time, there did not seem to be a great deal of support for creating such a program. It is likely something that I will bring up again given the change in the market and the City Council’s desire to ensure that property is being maintained appropriately.

However, we do have an active Code Enforcement program in the City, and if you or others are aware of property issues that need to be addressed, please call Code Enforcement and report those conditions. We would be happy to send someone to examine the property and to initiate corrective actions with the property owner.

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