Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

Planning for the Future

Community Member Question:

I’ve recently noticed sale signs in the area that I thought was reserved for the Promenade. Just wondering if things have changed?

City Manager Response:

Thank you for your question. No, things have not changed with the planned development of the Promenade. The City created a specific plan for the area that envisions the development of a mixed use housing, commercial and entertainment center.

While the City has approved a specific plan, the City does not own the underlying land in the Promenade specific plan. Some of the current property owners have put their land up for sale in the area. This is actually an opportunity. It allows a developer who is interested in working with the City on the development of the Promenade to acquire the land. I think some of the sellers are interested in taking advantage of the increased value that may have been created by the existence of the specific plan; still others may wish to develop their property, but the Promenade specific plan does not meet with their development plans. In either instance, it does not reflect a change in direction from the City Council.

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