Selasa, 10 November 2009

Easy lunch: Meatballs and cooked apples

Taking the grains out of our diet for the time being has simplified meals quite a bit. To make up meals I try to just make sure there is some of each: protein, fat, and carbohydrate. I figure that since we're eating a variety of all whole foods, our diet will have plenty of all the other nutrients as long as I'm not limiting to all fat, or all carbohydrate (box of wheat thins for lunch, anyone?), etc.

In this case, I melted some coconut oil (fat) in a big pan. Peeled and cut up apples (carb) and cooked until just soft so they're easier to digest. While the apples were cooking I mixed some salt and pepper into a pound of ground beef and a pound of venison that were thawed in the fridge (protein, fat). Rolled into little balls. While I was doing that, the apples were done, so I removed them with a slotted spoon and put the meatballs in. Cooked the meatballs on med-high, rolling a bit every minute or so until most of the pink was gone from the outside and then turned the burner down to med-low and covered, cooking another 10 minutes. All together, this didn't take any longer than making Mac-n-cheese from a box and only used one pan.

As a bonus, I have a bunch of leftover meatballs and apples for future meals and snacks. If hubby was eating with us, I'd just make him a roll and he'd have a meatball sandwich with red sauce (He's not doing GAPS).

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