Senin, 16 November 2009

What do you use coconut oil for?

What do you use coconut oil for? I use it for everything. And now that I know that eating fat is okay, I love using it to cook with and adding it to my food so that I don't get hungry so quickly. This is a picture of my gallon bucket of coconut oil that I got from Azure Standard mid-October. It's now mid-November and half gone.

We're rarely using butter right now since my little one is dairy free, so I use this to cook eggs in, over squash instead of butter, to saute veggies in for stir fry, and in my baking a lot of the time. I've also switched from using olive oil in things that will be heated, so I'm using this in hubby's bread and pizza dough and stuff, where before I used olive oil.

I stir a teaspoon or two in my coffee in the morning, and I feel like it helps prevent the blood sugar dip that coffee had given me in the past. A couple tablespoons added to your smoothie will keep you satisfied for hours, like a meal.

As far as cost goes, this gallon was $55 for raw cold-pressed extra virgin. On Amazon it's more expensive, Wilderness Family Naturals Coconut Oil, Raw, Cold Press, Extra Virgin, but there are other options that aren't raw. I might buying a smaller container that's raw to use in things that aren't going to be heated, like smoothies, then a larger container of Expeller Pressed, 1 Gallon (not raw) for all the cooking that I use coconut oil in if I didn't just get the huge bucket from Azure. When looking to buy coconut oil, as with everything else, it's best to get it in the least processed form possible.

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