Jumat, 11 Desember 2009

A nourishing meal for a friend

Soaked wheat rolls (same as the bread, just made into rolls), chicken veggie soup, carrot ginger apple juice, crabapple jelly.

I love feeding friends who like and understand real food. I often forget how 'weird' we eat until we have people over for dinner and I'm scrambling to figure out what I can serve that's real food but isn't too 'weird'. I usually settle on burritos with homemade refried beans, brown rice, organic beef, veggies, and real cheese.

But in this case, my friend understands and appreciates the healthfullness of soaked wheat rolls, chicken soup made from homemade stock, jelly with local fruit, and the fresh pressed juice.

And she knows that I'm just using the jars as storage containers, it doesn't mean that the food is shelf-stable :o) Sometimes people visit and think that I can a lot of stuff. Nope, I don't can much, but I do use mason jars instead of plastic containers a lot!

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