Senin, 25 Januari 2010

Tropical Traditions Order


I'm putting in an order from Tropical Traditions since they have free ground shipping today (Monday, Jan 25th).  If you're a 1st time customer use my code 5682145 at checkout to receive a free book on coconut oil, plus they credit my account for referring you (which keeps me blogging ~grin~).

I was going to try the Green Label coconut oil, but settled on the Expeller Pressed - one gallon for $39 (I'm comfortable with non-certified organic).  I use their less refined Gold Label when I eat it raw, like in smoothies.  I use about one quart of Gold Label to one gallon of Expeller pressed.

Getting another bucket of organic coconut, this time flakes, for macaroons.  $10.99
And after seeing Nourishing Gourmet's recipe for Dairy and Refined Sweetener Free Hot Cocoa and Naturally Knocked Up's grain free brownies, I am getting TT's Organic Cocoa.  $5.79 for 7 ounces. I'm honestly not sure if this is a good price or not but it's chocolate.  (Neither the cocoa or brownies are GAPS friendly, but I cheat on the weekends and they're closer-to-GAPS alternatives)

Just wanted to let you know about the free shipping. I love free shipping!
(Picture of my coffee with coconut cream concentrate in it.  The coconut cream is GAPS friendly, not officially so, but it's essentially dehydrated handmade coconut milk)

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