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What Do You Eat On GAPS? (Gut and Psychology Syndrome)

ShareOrganic apples, butternut squash, cheese, butter, pecans, coffee, organic beef, honey, bananas, eggs, avocados are all allowed on GAPS 

I'm trying not to be obnoxious about it, but as I see how great our family feels on GAPS I find myself talking about it perhaps too much. Quickly into the conversation people ask me, so what can you eat? When I came home from a weekly shopping trip and saw that I had only bought GAPS-approved food, I took a picture to show how many awesome yummy foods you can have on GAPS. In addition to this, we've introduced sprouted lentils, and have our olive oil and coconut oil.

Gut and Psychology SyndromeI know a lot of us health-minded people are intrigued by the idea of 'cleanses' and fasts to detoxify the body. But I've found that I don't have the ability to stay on most fasts/cleanses because of pregnancy/breastfeeding (I got pregnant in 12/05 with my daughter and have been pregnant and/or breastfeeding ever sense), or I just am not able to function with my day-to-day activities on the cleanse due to low energy.  On GAPS I have tons of energy, I've even cut back to a reasonable amount of coffee (one and a half small coffee cups).

I like bread, but there are plenty of other carbs available, plus recipes for bread-like things made with squash and nut flours.

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This is a part of Real Food Wednesday and Fight Back Fridays

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