Kamis, 15 April 2010

Safe and Sane Fireworks - Community Decision

Community Member Question:
How will the Fireworks policy be enforced if it is voted out? Will the officers give citations to all they can or just addresses that are called in?

City Manager Response:
Thank you for the question.

Each year the Fontana Police Department puts together an action plan regarding enforcement of the laws regarding illegal fireworks. On the Fourth of July and days leading up to it, the Police Department increases enforcement and staffing within the community to deal with the use of illegal fireworks.

Should the use of Safe and Sane fireworks be prohibited by a vote of the community next November, the Police will continue its enforcement activity on the Fourth of July. I have not discussed this issue with the Chief, but I believe the Police would undertake a strong enforcement plan, specifically in the early years of the new measure.

There will be a period of time necessary to educate the community of the change.

The prohibition against the sale of Safe and Sane fireworks will help reduce the use of fireworks in Fontana, but I would anticipate that it will take a few years to fully change the behavior of the residents of Fontana.

In the event the community does not support the ban of Safe and Sane fireworks, we will continue to conduct enforcement activity that targets the use of illegal fireworks. In addition to enforcement, the City will also conduct an educational campaign within Fontana, similar to what they do in Rancho Cucamonga to encourage voluntary compliance with the laws regarding fireworks.

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