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Traditional Food in Real Lives- Tuesday and Wednesday

*This is a part of our Working Around the Work Schedule series*

Breakfast: Smoothie! Quick and easy, easy cleanup.  5 minutes to blend, 5 to clean up, about 15-20 to eat (my kids are slow eaters)

Put a 1-pound bag of brown rice in the crock pot with 5 cups of chicken stock; I hope this is the right proportion!  Going to have chicken (from the crock pot on Monday) and rice taco salad for dinner. We'll use the salad we made on Sunday as the 'green stuff', some grated cheese, avocados that may or may not become guacamole.  If we had beans done, I would have added them but I didn't have them done. Those are easy to do in the crock pot too.

Lunch: Lunch was packed, as before.  I only ended up eating half a sandwich, so I saved the other half for the next day.

Dinner: Mixed up the chicken, veggies, and rice as salad in a big bowl, we didn't use chips but just ate it with a fork.  Guacamole thinned with some yogurt was the dressing.  The rice was a little gummy from being in the crock pot so long- I wonder if I put it on 'keep warm' rather than the 'low' setting that would work better.  Any rice tips for people who are out of the house all day? 
Dinner put together time: 10 minutes
Clean up: 15 minutes
Lunch packing for the next day: 10 minutes


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with lots of cheese and garlic.

Lunch: Chicken Salad that we made on Monday.  Included in it is chicken (protein), mayonnaise (fat), sauerkraut (vegetable, probiotics), some chopped crispy almonds and chopped onion- a meal all in one dish, plus it saves having to get all those individual containers out each day to make sandwiches.  

Dinner: Chicken Fried Rice- I chopped an onion, kale, cabbage, and used the peeler to make thin carrot  strips. Sautéed in butter. Added chicken.  Hubby really likes eggs in fried rice, so I added 4 eggs, just moving the veggie/chicken mixture to the side of the skillet while scrambling the eggs on the other side. Then added leftover rice from Tuesday's dinner, mixed, and covered to heat it through faster.

Time: Dinner took 45 minutes to get on the table- it took a while for the rice to heat through from the fridge.
Cleanup again was pretty simple- I love one-dish meals!

What one-dish meals are favorites in your house?  

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