Senin, 10 Januari 2011

Community Question Regarding Temporary Agencies

It is my opinion that Temp Agencies pose a negative impact on the competitive labor market due to lower wages that employees receive in order for the employee to be covered with disability insurance as well as allow the profit margin the service charges. As the economy gets better, will the city be hiring from temp agencies or direct by application for temporary employment for part-time employees?

Thank you for the question. The City of Fontana has a policy that does allow us to use temporary agencies to meet short-term work flow needs. We have and do use this as a tool when justified. The decision to use temp agencies is not made as a tool for undercutting full-time employment; it is rather used to meet processing needs that occur from time to time or to temporarily fill-in for a vacancy which may occur when staff leaves employment. Use of a temp agency staff, as a matter of policy, is limited to a six-month time period. There is no plan to change this policy.

With this said, the City of Fontana is continuously looking at ways to provide services expected by the community in the most cost effective manner as possible. As a management approach, we look towards technology and organizational issues to reduce administrative costs associated with the services being provided. We like to focus on front-line services and limiting administrative costs whenever possible.

Evidence of the effectiveness of this management philosophy is provided by the following statistic. Outside of the Public Safety staffing, the City of Fontana currently employs 1.5 full-time employees per 1,000 residents in the community. This compares favorably to the Cities of Rancho Cucamonga and Corona at 2.2 full-time employees per thousand, the City of San Bernardino at 2.3 employees per thousand, the City of Ontario at 3.1 employees per thousand, and the City of Moreno Valley at 3.2 employees per thousand.

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